The Application Process

With a Q-tip, apply GranuLotion directly onto the excess granulation tissue only. Apply 4x daily until the site is clear and dry. We recommend application in the morning, noon, evening and before bed.

Continue usage until the tissue sloughs away. During the healing process, it’s normal for the tissue to appear grey, black or even a chalky white.

It’s safe and gentle enough for your patients to use in the convenience of their own homes.


Caution: Granulation tissue has no nerve endings. If burning or tingling occurs during application, the product is being applied to the wrong area.

If irritation persists: Before the next GranuLotion application, apply a zinc oxide-based skin protectant (such as Desitin and other diaper rash creams) in a bulls-eye shape around the overgranulation region, protect the red, irritated skin, and pinpoint apply GranuLotion to the overgrown tissue only.