"I was amazed by your product's effectiveness at getting rid of granulation tissue without causing pain to the patient."

— Marie, Nurse Practitioner, Iowa Order Granulotion Today
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    The gentle way to stop over granulation tissue.

    Why Granulotion vs. Other Treatments?


    GranuLotion is safe, gentle and highly effective. Patients prefer it to silver nitrate, a known toxic substance that’s often painful when applied, and steroids, which can have harsh side effects and lose their effectiveness over time.

    The treatment works by making the osmosis process work for you. Its patented Activated Astringent technology collapses excess tissue cells, leaving a clear, dry site. Results are visible after just a few applications.

    Unlike other treatments, your patients can apply GranuLotion at home—leading to fewer hospital trips, better outcomes and more patient satisfaction.


    "Silver nitrate causes trauma to the wound and can be distressing to the patient."

    — Oldfield, 2009

    "All topical steroids have been shown to cause skin atrophy."

    — Henge, 2006

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