No Thanks Silver Nitrate!
“I have 9 month old twins that had gtubes placed at 4 months old. They are now 9 months and we have had granulation tissue burnt almost every other week for the last 4 months. Sometimes it was so bad it was cut and burnt. I could not handle my son who had it worse cry any more. IT was like torture having it burnt and cut. We used granulotion for 3 days and the huge granulation tissue around his gtube is already gone. Now it is just a minimal maintenance until it is fully healed. No more doctors appointments every other week and so much less pain.” - Brittany D (5 Star Review) 
Happy Family!
Our son had very painful granulation tissue that just kept getting worse - granulotion took care of it so fast and we just apply at the first sign of irritation - he has a very happy, healthy stoma! We love and recommend GranuLotion! Ashley W
Wish I Had Known About GranuLotion
Blog post by Sonni D 

Excerpt: Normally, when granulation tissue forms I would make an appointment with the GI surgeon to have them remove it with Silver Nitrate that burns off the granulation. McKenzie hated that as well and I can’t say I blame her. We used the steroid creams as well but nothing prevents it growing back.

Mind you that’s a $60 copay for the visit plus whatever the total cost of the visit. To my surprise her doctor told me about GranuLotion, an over-the-counter product used to help treat granulation tissue at home. The treatment works by...

Thank you for making life as a tubie that much easier!
I have been using the product for three weeks now and my results have been amazing! Thank you so much for selling this product!! I have had my g tube for almost two years and have had granulation tissue almost the entire time... until I found your product. My caregivers, family and friends have been equally impressed and amazed by just how wonderfully GranuLotion works and how easy it is to use. Thank you again for making life as a tubie that much easier!
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Tubie GT KO! :)
"I recently tried your GranuLotion for my j tube which was recently getting horrible granulated tissue. I had just had it cauterized at the surgeons office a couple weeks before and it came back. Your GranuLotion knocked it out in a day and a half!! It is incredible stuff and we are so thankful for it. Thank you for making this wonderful product that is pain free!!!" - Lisa, Chicago 
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