It's goin down!
"Ok...I'm sold. Here's how things went down. 24 hours....noticeable difference in pain level from granulation & less angry red tissue. 48 hours....like there was never any at all." Ann, Virginia, US

Granulation tissue fell off in 48 hours! Thanks Stephanie and Savannah

Thank you so much for this amazing product. We had great results and my daughter didn't mind it at all. First photo was before applying granulotion the second is at 24 hours and the third is at 48 when it fell off. Looks amazing. Thank you so much for this wonderful lotion. We are huge fans now and will be telling everyone. Thanks Stephanie and Savannah

Testimonial from our strong little buddy Jackson! 

"Hands in the air for getting rid of my granulation tissue and keeping my site all happy as can be! I have enough to worry about with my undiagnosed primary and 38 secondary conditions and continuous feeds to my intestines and draining my stomach each day since I was five months old but mom keeps my immune strong with essential oils each morning and applies GranuLotion now to my site each day since I am recovering from a nasty one. GranuLotion has been so good to us. Great support system as i continue on my tubie adventure. Mom just joined the GranuLotion bandwagon and gosh I am so happy she did. I didn't cry or wince in burning pain from the alum or hVe to use my skin thinning steroid creams. Thank you GranuLotion! I hope every single kiddo finds their way to you. You are amazing!! Love always, Jackson!!"

A Few of My Favorite Tubie Things!

An excerpt from the blog: Supermommy!…or not

For the first few months after Little Dude got his G Tube, we battled constant granulation tissue that had to be burned off with silver nitrate sticks at the doctor's office.  When a new product called Granulotion appeared on the market, I ordered the free sample in hopes that it would help.  It didn't take more than a few days for me to be completely sold on it!  It gently got rid of his granulation tissue and, with daily use, has kept it from coming back.  I highly recommend this to every tubie!!  In a Tubie support group I belong to on Facebook, the reviews have been outstanding.  It may seem kind of pricey, but a 1 ounce jar goes a long way.

Link to Supermommy…or not blog