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I heard about GranuLotion from a friend of mine. I ordered a sample right away, hoping it would help my son's granulation tissue, but admit I wasn't expecting this product to work as well as the steroid cream we typically use. Boy was I wrong! GranuLotion is a fantastic product. After only two uses, my son's granulation tissue was almost gone. I am now a believer and will forever use GranuLotion to keep his cecostomy site looking great. Thank you for an awesome product!

Krystal, Wisconsin

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"My 2 year old tubie has suffered with granulation tissue for almost the entire time she has had her Gtube; since she was 6 months old.  Taking her to the surgery department for silver nitrate treatments was always the worst and she feared going there.  Since using the GranuLotion,we no longer have to.  Within just 2 days, there is such a huge difference and thank God - no more silver nitrate treatments.  So glad this product is now available.  We will continue to use it even when her granulation tissue isn't there; to prevent it in the future.  Thanks GranuLotion!!!!"


Shreveport, LA

The Creator of Granulotion, Chris Speaker, APN, FNP-BC
GranuLotion® was developed by Christopher R. Speaker, APN, FNP-BC; a veteran Nurse Practitioner who has practiced within Pediatric Surgery for over 12 years. 
During those years Christopher has continued to manage, treat, and follow hundreds of patients with enteral feeding tubes in both his outpatient clinics and inpatient setting.  
Frustrated with steroids and silver nitrate applications as the only viable treatment options for hypergranulation tissue, Christopher decided to develop a new treatment which was non-toxic, non-steroidal, and approached the problem from a completely new direction. 
Amazing Results!

Our three year old son Benny's granulation was getting out of hand, and we became frustrated because we could not find anything to reduce its growth or appearance. Just when it seemed that surgery was the only option left, we were introduced to GranuLotion. After the first 24 hours of application, Ben's father and I immediately saw results in the appearance & reduction of the tissue, and during the immediate days to follow it began to shrink and shrink right before our very eyes. We are so pleased with the results of using GranuLotion, and now my Ben does not have to undergo surgery. Thanks GranuLotion!!


Chicago, IL

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"I noticed a difference the day after the 1st application.  The tissue seemed to lose its pinkish color, turn white and begin to receed. We were happy with the results to the point where we did not treat every day.  We began to use as needed.  With each application of GranuLotion, my son's granulation tissue seemed to get a little bit better until we didn't seem to notice it anymore.  We are thrilled that there is an effective alternative to a topical steroid cream." 
Chicago, IL